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Quote Validity and Pricing Policy

Dawson's Balls Quote Validity and Pricing Policy
1. Quote Validity Period

All quotes for croquet balls issued by Dawson's Balls are valid for a period of 120 days from the date of the quote. This period is especially designed to support our clients, including those involved in lengthy decision-making processes or applying for government grants, ensuring they have adequate time for informed decision-making.

2. Price Stability in Croquet Ball Market

Dawson's Balls is committed to maintaining stable pricing for our premium range of croquet balls throughout the year. However, due to potential fluctuations in raw material costs and other market variables specific to our niche industry, we note that prices are subject to potential change. The prices in our quotes are based on the current market conditions at the time of quote issuance and are guaranteed only within the validity period of the quote.

3. Post-Expiration Quote Reissuance

If a decision is not reached within the 120-day validity period, the quote will be considered expired. We understand that some procurement processes, particularly those involving government grants, may extend beyond this period. In such cases, we invite our clients to contact us for a new, updated quote that reflects any changes in the market or cost structure.

4. Notification of Price Changes

Although significant price changes within the validity period are uncommon, should such changes occur, Dawson's Balls will inform all affected clients promptly. Our commitment to transparency ensures that we provide detailed explanations for any necessary price adjustments.

5. Accepting the Quote

Securing the prices and terms stated in the quote requires acceptance within its validity period. We encourage clients to review and accept our quotes promptly to ensure the availability and price of our high-quality croquet balls.

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